Alex Garcia

Born in Africa in 1970, of Spanish origins, I grew up in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and France and studied in both French and English schools.
Today, I am a bilingual writer, translator and anthology editor who has been involved with the French fandom since the late 1980’s. I’ve had articles and fictions published in some of the landmark French fanzines of the time — and even edited a couple of fanzines myself.
In 1996, I started the Icarus Encyclopedia of Science-Fiction. And though the English version did not last very long, the French site, on the other hand, went on to become nooSFere — one of the leading online Science-Fiction resources in the country.
Aside from SF, I like to watch movies, music videos and TV shows… and listening to progressive rock. I am also a lyricst (Skeem, MSA Project) and a webmaster.